What Nutrients Does Your Skin Need – Experts’ Recommendations

As you probably know by now, what you eat is an essential part of keeping your skin glowing and healthy for a long time. Then, of course, we have the hero ingredients, like retinol, niacinamide, or glycolic acid, that can highly support your skin’s health, but is it enough?

According to experts, those skincare ingredients can’t undo a diet that’s low or lacking in vital nutrients for healthy skin. So, this is why we need to be careful with what we put inside our bodies. It plays a significant role.

Support beautiful skin from the inside out with these key nutrients.

Remember that it’s always a great idea to discuss first with a specialist what nutrients are best for you!

Omega-3 Fatty Acids

Omega-3s, also known as unsaturated fats, help you control those annoying cholesterol levels by lowering them, reduce face redness, fight acne, and moisturize the skin efficiently.

“[…] opting for fish over red meat or olive oil over palm oil cam make a great difference,” says Campbell. 

Some great food sources are nuts, seeds, and avocados.


Biotin, aka the beauty vitamin, is always a great choice to support your skin’s health. It can boost your body to transform food into usable energy and help you get that strong and healthy hair and nails, too.

If you want some natural food sources of biotin, you can try some egg yolks, bananas, and sweet potatoes.


Water is not typically seen as a nutrient, but it can have the biggest effect on your body, and therefore, your skin. 

“By staying hydrated, you can reduce puffiness and acne, improve skin structure, ad improve laxity,” explains Veronica Campbell, RDN, and a registered dietician for The Charge Group in Philadephia.

Vitamin C

Vitamin C is a mighty antioxidant with some great benefits when working from the inside. For example, it can highly reduce oxidative stress (extra beneficial) and boost collagen

Remember that vitamin C is best when served raw because boiling can lead to the vitamin leaching out of the product.

Georgia Nica
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