Glycolic Acid For Your Skin Care Routine – Facts, Benefits, and More

Glycolic acid, aka the skincare superstar, is much favoured by dermatologists for its proven benefits. But what makes it so unique?

According to experts, glycolic acid acts as a super exfoliant, loosening the bonds between dead skin cells. It has also been proved helpful in treating acne and making your skin smooth and even. And that’s not all.

Remember to talk with a specialist before deciding to use glycolic acid. You need to determine the type of your skin first for the best skincare product recommendations.

Here is what you need to know.

Glycolic Acid: Facts You Should Know

Glycolic acid is one of the most used AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) derived from sugarcane. It can have different strengths and various applications that experts recommend not to use if not fully understood.

This acid is also has a smaller molecular weight than any AHA, and it can penetrate your skin more efficiently. So, applying it wrong might damage your skin.

Glycolic Acid: Benefits Unveiled

Good to know: each acid acts as a chemical exfoliant, but glycolic acid, in particular, proved to be the best thanks to these benefits:

  • Acne-fighter: by making the peeling of cells on your skin, glycolic acid can efficiently fight and prevent the formation of clogged pores (one of the biggest factors that trigger acne);
  • Make your skin softer: this acid works by loosening the binding between dead skin cells, making it smoother; the term for this process is called “desquamation;”
  • Stimulate collagen production: glycolic acid can efficiently work on your skin’s deeper layers to stimulate collagen – this is what makes it a great anti-ageing ingredient; these youth-boosting benefits can continue over time, making your skin smoother for longer.

Remember to discuss first with a specialist how you can safely apply glycolic acid and what products you should use.

Not all glycolic acid products are created the same. You must always follow the directions for the particular product you choose to use.

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