Try These Super Vitamin C Foods and Keep Your Immune System Healthy

Vitamin C pills or supplements have never been more abundant. The reason is easy to guess: our immune system needs to be healthy!

But foods rich in vitamin C are usually ignored because let’s face it, is easier to take a pill rather than peel an orange, right? 

However, it shouldn’t be like that. Vitamin C is present in all different types of foods that you can easily introduce in your diet. 

Here are 7 smart choices of vitamin C foods that you might want to try.


Kiwi is always the best choice! It’s refreshing and contains up to 60mg of vitamin C. 

If you want to try something special, the golden kiwis are a delight. They’re an incredible source of vitamin C, too.


Oranges are, of course, the best source of vitamin C. You can see them as “the mascots of vitamin C” that’s how good they are!

One medium orange has 70mg of vitamin C and offers up to 78 % of the daily value. And if peeling is not your favourite “sport,” try the Sumo Citrus oranges. The dose of vitamin C is even higher and you can peel them fast!

Red Bell Pepper

You probably don’t know this, but the red bell pepper is an excellent source of vitamin C. As shocking as it might be for some, this vegetable packs up to 95mg of vitamin C. 

Just chop some red bell pepper in your salad or go for a nice and smooth red pepper hummus.


Mango is a refreshing tropical fruit that can offer you up to 50mg of vitamin C! Only a 3/4 cup serving of mango pieces and you’re ready to boost your immune system.

The fruit is also an excellent source of copper and folate.


Some juicy tomato slices on your daily lunch meal can offer you around 16mg of vitamin C. Cooking tomatoes are a delight, too!

Try a sauce or stew and increase the amount of lycopene – a might antioxidant found in tomatoes – so needed by your body.


Strawberries, please! How about a delicious, smooth yoghurt parfait with 1/2 cup sliced strawberries? 

That can offer your up to 50mg of vitamin C. Strawberries are also excellent antioxidants and come with a decent dose of filling fibre.


Remember how annoying was broccoli when you were little? Well, for some still is, but that doesn’t mean you can ignore it forever.

Just a 1/2 cup of broccoli can offer you up to 40mg of vitamin C! So, you better think twice next time you decide to ignore it at the supermarket. 

Georgia Nica
Writing was, and still is my first passion. I love all that cool stuff about science and technology. I'll try my best to bring you the latest news every day.