Fortnite 17.11 Update Introduces Alien Nanites, Ray Gun, and More Map Changes

Fortnite update 17.11 is finally here, introducing a bunch of alien stuff and a brand-new gun. We’re all eager to find out what Epic Games have in store for us, ever since some of its contents leaked ahead of time.

Now, we can explore a new in-game experience, still filled with aliens and strange occurrences. We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know.

Here’s what you’ll find in Fortnite update 17.11.

Alien Nanites

Epic hinted at some odd Alien Nanites for quite a while now. Now, they finally aired in the game thanks to the recent patch.

Alien Nanites are some cool, multi-purpose items that act like nuts and bolts if you want to upgrade weapons. How cool is that?


For example, if you want to upgrade a Sniper Rifle, SMG, and Assault Rifle that is Rare quality or even higher, you can use some Alien Nanites to turn them into the Kymera Ray Gun, Pulse Rifle, and Rail Gun.


Moreover, Alien Nanites are also great weapons. Just throw them like a grenade as see it for yourself! The damage is going to be insane and you’ll create some alien biomes with low gravity. And those who will leave the biome will get the no-fall damage treatment for a short time.

Where to find them

Search for Alien Nanites in normal chests and floor loot, and aboard Abductors and The Mothership, too.

Check out the following Alien Nanites Gameplay posted by HYPEX on Twitter for more details:

Zyg and Choppy’s Sleek Mythic Ray Gun

Fortnite’s update 17.11 comes with two alien NPCs, Zyg and Choppy. They’re usually hanging around Hydro 16, planting Alien Parasite eggs.

Eliminating the NPCs will get you a sleek brand-new Mythic Ray Gun that’ll prove much stronger than the Kymera Ray Gun.

Holy Hatchery and a Few Map Changes

Bye, bye, Holly Hedges!

That place is no longer the one we used to know so well. Alien Biomes changed it completely, and now it’s filled with Alien Parasites!

Holly Hatchery is the brand-new area where many aliens found their homes. And that’s not all. The Alien Invasion has ended the block party at Believer Beach, and all you can see now is a bunch of trash.

Patch 17.11 sure did wreck the map for good. But that means we should expect more changes soon!

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