Find All the Alien Artifacts in Fortnite Season 7 and Unlock Kymera Skin Styles – Tips & Tricks

Fortnite Season 7 is finally here, and we get the chance to try an extraterrestrial experience filled with sleek new sci-fi themed weapons, a huge mothership floating just over the Island, and artifacts.

The new season has already stirred quite the buzz among players worldwide, and we can’t wait to see how aliens further plan to take over the Fortnite ‘verse. One of the brand-new collectibles that you can’t miss is the Alien Artifacts. They come up with a fantastic reward: various Kymera skin styles! Curious where you might find them?

Here is what you need to know.

What Are the Alien Artifacts?

Season 7 introduced the Alien Artifacts as a new resource that you can collect alongside Gold Bars. If you’re lucky enough and find them all, you’ll be able to unlock all the Kymera styles and max out your Season 7 Battle Pass. How cool is that?

As for finding the Alien Artifacts, well, things might seem challenging at first. However, we’ve compiled a list with everything you should know about them, including where you can find them.

Find Alien Artifacts: Tips & Tricks

You can find Alien Artifacts in two ways. First, which is also the easiest way, just start searching the Island. You’ll find several Artifacts all over the map.

Second, you’ll need to find and open Cosmic Chests. These chests are a brand-new type of loot box hidden across the map.

TIP: try playing with friends to open Cosmic Chests – teamwork is essential!

Alien Artifacts locations

Below, there’s a map where you can find all the Artifacts. All the locations are marked so that you can find everything easily.

You’ll discover that most of the Alien Artifacts are:

  • to the west side of Catty Corner;
  • inside the farm north of Corny Complex;
  • outside the building northwest of Slurpy Swamp;
  • right in the water at the centre of the map (former Zero Point);
  • on a hill northeast of Believer Beach.

Epic Games could add more Alien Artifacts soon. We don’t know for sure how many, but we should expect some changes.

Also, it’s unclear whether the Artifacts will spawn in the exact location of every match. More details will be soon available as other new stuff will arrive.

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