Study Links Ultra-Processed Foods to Stroke and Cognitive Decline

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Over 30,000 people aged 45 or older have been monitored by a team of researchers for an average of 11 years. Out of those people, 14,175 were selected for the investigation of cognitive decline, and 20,243 were selected for the study of stroke. In addition, it is important to point out that none of the study participants had a history of medical conditions. Previous research has established a connection between these foods and a variety of health issues, including diabetes, depression, and even mortality. This study adds to that data.

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According to the findings of the recent study, those who consumed 10% more ultra-processed meals had a 16% higher chance of acquiring cognitive impairment. On the other hand, individuals who consumed 30% more whole foods and unprocessed foods had a 12% lower risk of developing cognitive impairment. Furthermore, a higher consumption of ultra-processed meals was connected to an 8% increase in the risk of stroke. In contrast, a higher intake of unprocessed foods was associated with to a 9% decrease in the risk of stroke respectively.

In accordance with the Harvard Medical School, processed foods are foods that have been altered from their original states by the addition of ingredients such as salt, sugar, or oil. Some examples of foods that are considered to be unprocessed are fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, milk, eggs, and meat,. These items are considered to be whole foods since they contain just a little quantity of additional components.

Alternatively, ultra-processed meals are often manufactured from extracted ingredients, such as fats, starches, and, of course, added sugars. Research conducted in the past has established a connection between ultra-processed meals and a variety of different health issues. Intake of ultra-processed foods was shown to be associated with more than 30 different health issues, according to the findings of a comprehensive assessment of 45 studies.

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