Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Raid Hours – Check Out the Legendary Lineup

Source: Niantic

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is one of the most anticipated events ever released for Go fans worldwide! This year, we get to enjoy many fantastic features like the arrival of the Mythical Meloetta, and a sleek music-themed Special Research.

Now, the Pokemon Go Fest 2021 is welcoming every single Legendary Pokemon that’s ever been in Pokemon Go! All the Legendary ‘mon is available to catch and battle in Raids, from Rayquaza to popular Mewtwo.

Curious to find out more?

Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Raid Hours Full Schedule

Niantic introduced four Raid Hours to complete on July 18 during Pokemon Go Fest 2021. Every raid features a beloved Legendary (maybe you’ll find your favorite) that relates to the title.

So, if we’ll have the Fire/ Flying-type Moltres, that means we’ll find it in Gyms during Lava Hour. How great is that?

Every Raid Hour will be available twice, similar to the Habitat Hours on Go Fest Day 1. Also, all the raids will take place only in each player’s local time!

Below, there are the Raid Hours available for Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Day 2:

  • 10 AM – 11 AM: Wind Hour;
  • 11 AM – 12 PM: Lava Hour;
  • 12 PM -   1 PM: Frost Hour;
  •   1 PM -   2 PM: Thunder Hour;
  •   2 PM -   3 PM: Wind Hour;
  •   3 PM -   4 PM: Lava Hour;
  •   4 PM -   5 PM: Frost Hour;
  •   5 PM -   6 PM: Thunder Hour.

Now, we’ve compiled a list of every Legendary ‘mon that you’ll encounter during every Raid Hour.

Wind Hour Full Lineup

  1. Cresselia
  2. Latias
  3. Regigigas
  4. Virizion
  5. Ho-Oh
  6. Altered Forme Giratina
  7. Mewtwo
  8. Therian Forme Tornadus
  9. Latios

Lava Hour Full Lineup

  1. Moltres
  2. Yveltal
  3. Reshiram
  4. Entei
  5. Terrakion
  6. Heatran
  7. Regirock
  8. Groudon
  9. Therian Forme Landorus

Frost Hour Full Lineup

  1. Palkia
  2. Uxie (Asia-Pacific only)
  3. Azelf (the Americas and Greendland)
  4. Lugia
  5. Kyogre
  6. Suicune
  7. Kyurem
  8. Mesprit (Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and India)
  9. Regice
  10. Articuno

Thunder Hour Full Lineup

  1. Zapdos
  2. Dialga
  3. Registeel
  4. Raikou
  5. Xerneas
  6. Rayquaza
  7. Therian Forme Thundurus
  8. Zekrom
  9. Cobalion

Make sure you check out Pokemon Go Fest 2021 Day 1 for more exciting features and stay tuned for more surprises coming soon!

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