Pokemon Go Community Day August 2021 Edition – Rumors, Leaks, and More

Pokemon Go’s Community Days are one of the best limited-time events in the game. And another month means another Community Day challenge for trainers to enjoy.

The next one is August 2021, and the rumor mill has already created quite the buzz regarding the upcoming star of the show.

We’ve compiled a list of everything you need to know about the Pokemon Go Community Day August 2021.

Pokemon Go Community Day August 2021: Headliner Details

Trainers are now thrilled about the next Pokemon Go Community Day August 2021, so they have some of the biggest theories about the headliner.

That includes Shinx, Roggenrola, or Axew (or maybe some ‘mon around the same level of desirability and rarity). But why one of these could end up as the August Community Day headliner?

Well, after Community Day July featured Tepig, fans believe that it’s somehow unlikely that another starter ‘mon to be available for the next few months. And that seems logical.

To recall, back in April, we had Snivy as a Community Day headliner, another starter Pokemon.

Furthermore, it’s also unlikely to see another PvP favorite so soon after last month’s Gible Community Day, right? Well, one thing is sure. Niantic doesn’t do things like that often.

But, considering this year marks the incredible Pokemon’s 25th anniversary and Go’s 5th, everything could be possible!

Many fans are also expecting Deino as a Community Day headliner. The chances to see this ‘mon are also feasible.

Pokemon Go August 2021 Community Day Start Time

The next Community Day will air on Sunday, August 15, from 11 AM to 5 PM, local time.

Niantic confirmed that the full details for the Community Day August 2021 would be available soon in July.

Get Ready For the Next Community Day

If you’re going to enroll in a Community Day event, there are a few tips and tricks you might want to follow:

  • Buy at least two Incense;
  • Save Lures (they last for up to 3 hours during the event);
  • Increase your Poke Balls collection;
  • Empty your Pokemon Storage;
  • But a ticket from the Shop to unlock the next Community Day’s Special Research.


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