Best Pokemon Go Tips and Tricks to Enhance Your Experience


Pokemon Go took the world by surprise when it was launched many years ago. Everybody expected it to be neat, but few people expected such a fantastic experience and long-lasting life.

The game got numerous updates since its launch, making it very addictive and pleasant to play.

The most exciting thing about it is that it requires players to get up, leave the couch and go to real-world locations to obtain essential items, join battles and catch Pokemon.

The rules have been tinkered with a bit during the COVID-19 pandemic, as you can now play indoors, but going outside is still the game’s primary focus.

There are numerous tips and tricks to make the experience more pleasant. Let’s see our top picks!

Mega Evolution – Go Big!

Pokemon Go introduced new mechanics that improve the gameplay’s depth.

It features Mega Evolutions, which allow players to select a Pokemon and turn them into a more powerful version of themselves for a limited time.

To activate a mega evolution, you will have to obtain Mega Energy for the Pokemon you plan to evolve.

One of the best ways to stock up on Mega Energy is beating Mega Raids ultra-fast.

Turning Off AR to Improve Capturing

Catching Pokemon with AR-enabled is part of the fun, mainly when the monsters show up where you would expect them to, but it is simpler to capture Pokemon without worrying about pointing your smartphone in the best directions.

Additionally, most people don’t particularly enjoy having phones pointed at them.

Summoning Nearby Pokemon

The Pokemon locator tab was modified considerably since its first introduction.

It features a range of real-world overlays of the Pokestops, like a picture of Madison Square Garden or even the Liberty Bell, where you can tap to view an overhead view, displaying players where they should be heading to progress with the game.

The Pokemon remains typically within one or two blocks around the specific landmark, and if you search for long enough, you should find it.


Watch Your Moves

You may find some Pokemon with roughly the same CP, but you should look at the moves a Pokemon has when you catch it, and the power level of the moves.

Sometimes, a 5CP gap can make the difference between some excellent and weak skills.

Train Riding

You can hatch eggs in buses or trains.

The app knows that you are moving your phone. It doesn’t care that you are genuinely walking or not.

Therefore, you can hop on a bike and maintain the app open to get some exercise and hatch some eggs.

You can alternatively go for a run.

Lucky Eggs

As the name suggests, Lucky Eggs are like regular eggs… but lucky!

They feature twice the amount of experience points you can get for 30 minutes at a time.

You can obtain them from the Shop, with coins.

If you’ve got a bunch of Pokemon that you are prepared to evolve, stock up on candies until you get a hold of a Lucky Egg.

From that point, you can evolve them all while the Lucky Egg’s XP boost is in the air to boost CP and XP.

Transferring Pokemon

To transfer a pokemon, you only have to tap it in the menu, scroll down under its bio, and tap Transfer. You are awarded 1 candy per transfer. However, you should make sure that Pokemon is transferred to Professor Willow, as the Pokemon goes missing after that.

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