Overwatch Players Found A So-Called “Dark Mode” After Numerous Menu Brightness Issues

After numerous players complained about the intense brightness produced by some Overwatch main menu screens, an enterprising fan worked on the way to turn on dark mode, with no official update from Blizzard required.

The game’s all-white background became notorious because it burns up gamers’ retinas each time they open up the main menu.

That also manifested again after the release of Ana’s new Haroeris Overwatch league skin, and as soon as Blizzard introduced that update, some gamers went as far as saying that the white screen “flashbanged” them.

It’s easy to see why players ask for a dark mode, as the main menu is painful to look at, but Reddit user HeelMePlz worked on a mod that can help you solve the problem right away.

To activate dark mode, you have to load into the game and hold the ESC key in the main game. While holding the key, click on the Overwatch League menu, and you are good to go! Your eyes can now enjoy the pleasant dark mode.

However, there are some downsides to doing this – First of all, it is only available for PC gamers, so console gamers still have to endure through the blinding white background while they wait for an official fix.

Additionally, you can’t open loot boxes when dark mode is on. The reason why that happens is not known precisely, but it is known that the “hack” prevents players from opening loot boxes.

There is one more inconvenience – It is only a temporary fix – you will have to repeat it whenever you launch the game before Blizzard introduces official Dark Mode support.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.