Nokia G11 Receives the Android 13 OS Update

Credit: Nokia / HMD Global

HMD Global continuing to rely on Nokia smartphones seems like the best bet at this point, although the first phones with the iconic handshake logo on them didn’t have any ‘smart’ features. But that happened a long time ago, as for today, Nokia is a well-known brand that has led to the release of plenty of interesting smart devices.

One of those interesting Nokia smartphones is the G11 model that was released last year in March. You might be tempted to say that we’re pulling your leg on this one, as Nokia G11 is far from being as impressive as the latest flagships built by Samsung, Huawei, or Apple. There are plenty of people out there who aren’t interested in the best features that a smartphone can have. Neither are we playing the devil’s advocate!

Nokia G11 was initially released with the Android 11 operating system out of the box. We can also remark on the 5050mAh battery of the phone as one of the standout features. As for now, HMD Global raises the stakes and begins to roll out the Android 13 update to the Nokia G11, as Nokia Power User reveals.

Keep your Nokia G11 connected to your WiFi network

Halting the connection with the internet now if you’re a Nokia G11 user is one of the worst ideas. The new Android 13 update should arrive to you at any moment, considering that HMD Global has already begun rolling it out.

With the new addition, Nokia Mobile has officially launched the Android 13 update for a range of some of the old phones, such as the Nokia X10 5G, Nokia X20 5G, Nokia X30 5G, Nokia G60 5G, Nokia XR20 5G, Nokia G21, Nokia G10, Nokia G50 5G, Nokia G20, Nokia G11 and Nokia G11 Plus.

Surely you must not consider that someone is raining on your parade if he or she will bring you a Nokia G11 as your birthday gift. You’ll just have to pull yourself together, as the phone can still be suitable for basic activities such as browsing, social media, or responding to emails.


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