Covid 19 Vaccine: Genetic Code Of Spike Protein Triggers Autoimmune Attack And Cellular Destruction

There are more and more controversies surrounding the covid 19 vaccines. They have been making headlines due to the potential side effects which is not something that the media was too keen on presenting in 2022.

The other day, we revealed that the extremely popular, yet controversial cardiologist Peter McCullough shared the following tweet, suggesting that new studies involving the mRNA type of covid vaccine could trigger terrible side effects in subjects.

We suggest that you check out the previous article in order to learn more about all this.

Genetic code of spike protein triggers an autoimmune attack and cellular destruction

Now, the expert is back and he’s sharing more disturbing news on Twitter. Check out his message below:

While some of the experts’ supporters are freaking out in the comments, we can see other opinions as well.

For instance, someone said: “It does not attack itself. The immune system recognizes cells that have been ‘infected’ by the mRNA and kills them. ONLY those cells. There is a limited amount of mRNA in the vaccine dose, and this can only affect a limited number of cells. This is not new or scary.

Another follower dropped this message: “No. All vaccines do this. If you were injected with litres of mRNA vaccine you’d probably die, but we’re not. We’re injected with a tiny amount which is not able to replicate. It gets into cells which produce antigens and are killed. The mRNA is then used up and that’s it!”

In other recent relevant news, Pfizer has to release a specific number of pages of unrevealed data about their vaccine by now. It seems that they are referring to their own product as being experimental or investigational.

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