Sabrina Carpenter: From Disney Darling to One of the Most Streamed Pop Stars

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She’s working late ’cause she’s a pop star now! Over the last year, Sabrina Carpenter has risen to fame thanks to her appearances at Coachella, the Summertime Ball, as well as her three smashing songs “Feather,” “Espresso,” and “Please, Please, Please.” Oh, and let’s not forget about her incredible tour dates with Taylor Swift on The Eras Tour. Is she going to stop anytime soon? Hopefully not!

Find out what really makes Sabrina such a fantastic pop star by taking inspiration from her.

We All Live in Sabrina Carpenter’s World

Sabrina began releasing albums when she was fifteen years old and continued doing so for over five years, surprising us with Eyes Wide Open, EVOLution, Singular Act I, Singular Act II, and Emails I Can’t Send. She has certainly shown that she is extremely dedicated to her career turning into an inspirational pop star. Also, her acting and musical abilities have been fine-tuned throughout the years, reaching more and more artistic milestones.

But what really makes Sabrina so popular is her talent for making her performances seem personal and accessible to her listeners. She captivates audiences with her genuine performances in both her music and acting roles. These days, such a thing is considered a major quality.

… and some really catchy lyrics we can’t escape!

‘That’s that me, espresso’

One of the most beloved summer songs at the moment is, hands down, “Espresso!” With more than fourteen million views on YouTube, “Espresso” reached its highest position on the Billboard Hot 100 (before being surpassed by Taylor Swift) and is now pegged at number five on Spotify’s Viral 50 U.S.A. list. That is the very definition of inspiration!

Every day, millions of people release Espresso memes, thanks in large part to the song’s addictive lyrics. But can we really blame Sabrina for performing such an awesome song, right?! Of course not, we can only hope to hear the song everywhere and mumble, ‘I’m working late, ’cause I’m a singer.’

Or you can just say, ‘Please, please, please, don’t bring me to tears when I just did my makeup so nice.’

Sabrina Carpenter’s “Please, Please, Please” is an equally alluring mid-tempo ballad that she released after her popular summer anthem, “Espresso.” Just one week after making its debut at No. 2, the track has soared to the top of the Billboard Hot 100 songs list, reaching No. 1. How impressive!

What’s your favorite Sabrina Carpenter song and why? Are you excited about her new album coming out soon? Let us know in the comments section below.

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