How to Get Strange Eggs and Team GO Rocket Rewards in Pokemon Go – Tips & Tricks

Strange Eggs have become an instant hit ever since they first aired in Pokemon Go. Trainers try their best to earn some while dealing with various Team Rocket leaders. 

We’ve compiled a guide to help you find out what are the Strange Eggs, what ‘mon they feature, and the hatch rate.

Here is what you need to know.

Strange Eggs Pokemon Revealed

According to Niantic, you’ll get either Poison-type or Dark-type ‘mon out of Strange Eggs. Some Pokemon will acquire these types only when they evolve.

Here’s the full list of Strange Eggs Pokemon:

Tier 1 Rarity

  • Scraggy;
  • Absol;
  • Vullaby;
  • Larvitar;
  • Pawnlard. 

Tier 3 Rarity

  • Sandile;
  • Deino;
  • Owilfish;
  • Skorupi;
  • Pancham.

Niantic will add more Pokemon soon to feature newer Generations, so stay tuned!

How Do You Get Strange Eggs?

The only way to get Strange Eggs in Pokemon Go is to defeat the Team GO Rocket leaders, including Cliff, Giovanni, Arlo, and Sierra. 

You’ll get Strange Eggs as a reward, but first, you need to make some space for them in your Bag, Egg, and Pokemon Storage inventory. 

The Hatch Rate and the Rarest Egg

Strange Eggs are 12km eggs, which is also the rarest egg in the game, so you can understand why are they so precious. 

However, you’ll notice various eggs, including 2km, 5km, 7km, and 10km. In addition, you should know that the rarity of the ‘mon inside gets higher as you increase the tiers. 

How to Hatch the Eggs Faster?

Hatching Strange Eggs might be quite the challenge. Luckily, we can help with that.

Follow these steps and hatch the eggs faster:

  1. Incubators: buy an incubator from the Pokemon Go Store and hatch 10km and 12km eggs; the incubator will expire after three uses;
  2. Adventure Sync: turn on this mode to record all your steps even when the app is off;
  3. Keep Pokemon Go on: any slight movements can help you gain steps even if you’re not walking.


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