How Important Are Lipids For Your Skin – What Should You Know

When it comes to excellent skin health and just a bit of glow, lipids become essential. What are lipids, and why does your skin need them?

Lipids are some molecules that are not soluble in water, made of vitamins, animal fats, plant oils, hormones, and more. These fatty substances can maintain the strength of your skin’s protective barrier, protecting it from damages. But that’s not all.

Here is what you need to know.

Lipids For a Healthy Skin

As previously mentioned, lipids are essential components of your skin and play a vital role in keeping the strength of your skin’s shielding barrier. It can also fold moisture enough time so that your skin won’t suffer any damages.

But lipids are more than that. They also represent a deep cholesterol-ceramides connection. Why is that?

According to experts, cholesterol is nothing but a lipid that can speed up your skin’s barrier recovery and enhance the way your skin looks like in terms of elasticity. Dr Frederic Haberman is a Saddle Brook, NJ dermatologist. He explains:

“Visible skin ageing is often caused by cholesterol deficiency on the skin; […] ceramide are a type of lipid, which is proven to increase the skin’s hydration and barrier function.”

Why do we lose lipids?

Unfortunately, we lose lipids as we age. Such a thing makes our skin rougher, with an uncomfortable tightness, loss of facial fullness, and dullness.

So, how can we avoid that? Remember that it’s better to talk with a specialist first.

Ceramides are the best

Experts recommend a gentle formula based on ceramides that contain enough lipids to support your skin’s health. The healthier the skin’s barrier you build, the better.

Also, you should avoid using any oils as the primary source of topical lipids for the skin. Oils tend to clog pores severely, and you might experience some bad acne breakouts.

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