Ceramides and a Better Skin Care Routine: What Should You Know

Ceramides are one of the main ingredients found in your skin care products that you’ve probably love so much! From serums, body lotions, moisturizers to cleanser, ceramides could be everywhere.

But what exactly is this ingredient, and how it can save your skin one issues at a time? Also, do all skin care routines need ceramides?

Learn more about the benefits of ceramides now.

Here is what you need to know.

It’s a Ceramide Story: the Beginning

According to experts’ research, ceramides can be found naturally in the outermost layer of your skin. These “elements” are some waxy lipids (fats) that can successfully shield your skin, creating a barrier. 

The ceramides are also excellent in keeping dehydration, dryness, and premature signs of ageing at bay. They’re some “linkers” between epidermal skin cells.

Anna Guanche is the founder of Bella Skin Institute. She states that ceramides are:

“[…] ceramides are some of the fatty components of sebum or skin oils that we secrete.”

If ceramides are part of us, why do we still need to apply some ceramides-based products on our skin?

What Happens With Our Ceramides?

Due to constant exposure to sun damage, pollution, and the natural ageing process, our skin suffers, and the production of ceramides can lower significantly.

A perfect way to protect our skin from any crack or dryness is to apply ceramides-based products. We will also avoid exposure to our inner layers of skin to different allergens and toxins from the environment. 

Are Ceramides-based Products Really Safe for My Skin?

Of course, they are! And that’s because ceramides are already found in our skin, naturally.

Ceramides are also safe for every skin type, so you don’t have to search too much for the “perfect product.” Usually, people dealing with skin issues that are aggravated by dryness are advised by specialists to use ceramides.

Also, those who battle with atopic dermatitis and have a genetic defect in the skin molecule filaggrin can safely use ceramides-based products. 

Board-certified dermatologist Tsippora Shainhouse recommends:

“Applying topical ceramides can help “fill in the cracks” between the epidermal cells to create a smooth, more complete protective skin barrier, to help prevent moisture loss and minimize skin irritation…”

Remember that it is always better to talk with a specialist before choosing to add ceramides to your skin care routine!

Georgia Nica
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