Evolve Galarian Slowpoke in Pokemon Go – Slowbro & Slowking Versions

Galarian Slowpoke has finally made its debut in Pokemon Go, and we couldn’t be more excited! Trainers worldwide can now evolve the all cute and lovely ‘mon into two other forms.

The Season of Discovery aired recently, and the new event, A Very Slow Discovery, features the beloved Kanto Pokemon Slowpoke. Curious to find how to catch and evolve the ‘mon?

Here is what you need to know.

Where to Find and Catch Galarian Slowpoke

The event A Very Slow Discovery will be available from June 8 until June 13. So, the chances to find and catch a Galarian Slowpoke are somehow limited.

However, joining 1-Star Raids or completing A Very Slow Discovery field research tasks can get you a Galarian Slowpoke.

Galarian Slowbro Evolution

Evolving your Galarian Slowpoke is quite challenging, regardless of which evolution you choose. 

The following tips and tricks, however, might make your work easier:

  1. Catch a Galarian Slowpoke and turn it into your Buddy;
  2. Collect at least 50 Galarian Slowpoke Candy; try to use Pinap Berries when you catch Slowpokes because it’ll double the amount;
  3. Get at least 30 Poison-type ‘mon with Galarian Slowpoke as your Buddy; try using a Mossy Lure to attract more Poison-types;
  4. Your evolution is complete!

Galarian Slowking Evolution

Galarian Slowking is not available at the moment in Pokemon Go. However, Niantic announced that it’s “taking its time” to bring the ‘mon in the game, so we still have to wait for it.

When the Galarian Slowking will be available, here’s how you can evolve Galarian Slowpoke into it:

  1. Catch a Galarian Slowpoke and turn it into your Buddy;
  2. Collect at least 50 Galarian Slowpoke Candy;
  3. Try to catch at least 30 Psychic-type ‘mon with Galarian Slowpoke with your new Buddy;
  4. The evolution is complete!

Rumour has it, Galarian Slowking will finally arrive at the end of the A Very Slow Discovery event. Guess we’ll have to wait and see!


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