Pokemon Go’s Garchomp Greatest Moveset – Tips and Tricks to Maximize DPS

Gible has become a pretty great choice among trainers, and its evolved form is said to be even better. 

The Dragon/ Ground-type ‘mon can evolve into Garchomp and get a sleek Ground-type move Earth Power becoming a fearless creature. Choosing a moveset for Garchomp is essential. But what is the best option?

Here is what you need to know.

Best Moveset For Garchomp

Garchomp has two Fast Moves, the Dragon Tail and the Mud Shot. Both moves can make the most of the STAB bonus, which is great. So, it’s best to choose one based only on your opponent.

Coming to Charge Moves, the ‘mon has five mighty skills, including Fire Blast, Earth Power, Earthquake, Sand Tomb, and Outrage.

PvE (Raids + Gyms) Moveset

  • Charge Move: Earth Power + Outrage
  • Fast Move: Dragon Tail

Garchomp is the best if used in Gym Battles and Raids for taking down other Dragon-types. So, try to use a movest that maximizes DPS against them.

TIP: start with Dragon Tail as Fast Move and Outrage as Charge Move.

PvP (Trainer Battles) Moveset

  • Charge Move: Earth Power + Outrage
  • Fast Move: Mud Shot

Garchomp really shines in PvP, especially in the Master League. You can use it against ‘mon like Metagross, Giratina, Dialga, and Mewtwo.

Mud Shot is great even if it doesn’t have a high DPT as Dragon Tail. However, it makes up for it, reaching 4.5 EPT. 

Garchomp is a Great Pick-up in Pokemon Go Right Now

As previously mentioned, Garchomp truly shines in the Master League. It has a high CP as a Dragon/ Ground-type ‘mon, but it’s not useful in the Ultra or Great League.

You can use Garchomp against Dialga and Giratina and easily exploit their weakness. Also, when it comes to Gyms and Raids, Garchomp is versatile, proving its skills best.

Remember that Garchomp is not a ‘mon that will suit every situation, but it’ll sure bring you some sweet victories.

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