Gohan Beast Finally EXPLAINED? Check Out a New Dragon Ball Theory

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The latest Dragon Ball movie known as ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero,’ which came out in 2022, proposed a completely different plot than what the fans were used to. Neither Goku nor Vegeta are given any credit in this film, as they are completely left aside in order to let the others deal with the biggest threat without them.

Gohan and his good old friend and master, Piccolo, have no other option but to try to take down by themselves the new androids created by the revived Red Ribbon Army: Gamma 1, Gamma 2, and Cell Max. Towards the end of the movie, Gohan achieves a stronger transformation than ever, becoming what is known as Gohan Beast. While the transformation itself was spectacular, giving Goku’s son red eyes, longer and silver hair, along an amazing reddish aura covering him, the weird part is that the new 2022 movie didn’t bother explaining to us how Gohan achieved that new form. All we knew at that point was that Gohan got extremely mad seeing Piccolo being torn apart by Cell Max, and that’s what triggered new powers erupting from the Saiyan’s body. But that’s surely not enough, as the fans wanted more justification. Well, thanks to a new theory emerging due to little research from ScreenRant, there seems to be a more compelling explanation behind the Gohan Beast transformation.

Pure-blooded Saiyans are naturally weaker than Saiyan-Earthling hybrids

The new theory implies that Saiyan-Earthling hybrids such as Gohan are naturally stronger than pure-blooded Saiyans such as Goku and Vegeta. This claim has its roots in early Dragon Ball Z when the first Saiyans who came to Earth to destroy it were amazed by the powers of Gohan, who was just a 4-year-old child at that time. But even so, he has proven to have amazing powers that he couldn’t control, and that appeared out of nowhere when he had to protect his loved ones. A few episodes after the battle with Raditz, the evil brother of Goku who got damaged by an attack from Gohan, Vegeta says it is clear that Saiyan-Earthling hybrids might be naturally stronger than pure-blooded Saiyans.

Gohan is the son of Goku, a pure-blooded Saiyan, and of Chi Chi, his mother, who is fully an Earthling. This means that Gohan is a Saiyan-Earthling hybrid, which means that he qualifies for Vegeta’s theory.

Gohan insisted more on his human heritage

Gohan insisted more on his Earthling side rather than his Saiyan one, which is another possible contributor to his new ‘Beast’ form. Gohan doesn’t even need his Super Saiyan form when he wants to go full power against an opponent. Instead, he was activating his Ultimate form before the ‘Beast’ form from the ‘Super Hero‘ movie in order to reach his maximum powers. This form was granted to Goku’s son after he underwent a special ritual in the Majin Buu saga of Dragon Ball Z, thanks to Elder Kai, who unlocked his hidden potential.

Even in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie, during Gohan’s battle with the Gamma 1 android, our hero activated his Ultimate technique when he realized that going Super Saiyan wasn’t enough to stop his foe. As a result, Gohan proved that contrary to the strong belief of Dr. Hedo, who created the new androids, Gamma 1 can definitely be defeated.

You got the main idea. The new Dragon Ball theory claims that the new Gohan Beast form from the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie represents the build-up of Gohan’s heritage as a Saiyan-Earthling hybrid while insisting more on his human part. The funny thing is that neither Goku nor Vegeta could ever become ‘Beasts’ since they don’t have any Earthling blood. They are both pure-blooded Saiyans, which means that they have no choice but to stick to their own techniques.


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