Dragon Ball Super Manga’s New Chapter 94 Dives Deeper Into the ‘Super Hero’ Events

Credit: Toei Animation

The Dragon Ball Super Manga has released a brand new chapter, one that dives even deeper into the events that took place during the 2022 movie ‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero.’ In that film, Gohan achieved a stronger transformation than ever before against a revived and improved version of the classic Dragon Ball Z villain known as Cell.

As it was expected, the adaptation of the Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie for the pages of the manga has its fair share of critics. Not all Dragon Ball fans like the move, as it proved that Akira Toriyama lacks enough inspiration to come up with a brand new arc. Preferably an original one, not bringing back villains from the past, for Zeno’s sake!

Chapter 94 focuses on Gohan’s struggle

In the new Chapter 94 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga, Gohan is about to achieve his ‘Beast’ form and teach Cell Max some manners, as Comicbook.com has discovered. The son of Goku will have to do his best against the nefarious Cell Max, as the villain was revived by Dr. Hedo. At this point, Cell is way stronger than he was back in Dragon Ball Z, and he’s more like a giant beast willing to destroy anything in his way rather than one who also has any idea how to handle a conversation as it happened back in the day.

As in the Super Hero movie, both Goku and Vegeta were left aside for the battles against Cell Max and other androids. Instead, it was time for Gohan and Piccolo to have an opportunity to shine. Goku and Vegeta are on Beerus’ planet, training together and against Broly.

Due to the release of Chapter 94, the Dragon Ball Super Manga is approaching the end of its current arc. At this point, it’s anybody’s guess how the story will continue after the events of the Super Hero movie.

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