Fortnite x Star Wars: Check Out the Official Darth Vader Teaser Trailer

Source: Epic Games

A crossover between Fortnite and Star Wars isn’t something that we weren’t expecting to see. Chapter 3 Season 3 landed recently in the famous free-to-play battle royale game of Epic Games, and you already have the chance to find Darth Vader across the map. You just have to find out his locations!

When you say ‘Star Wars,’ one of the first things that pop into the mind is the iconic lightsaber – a sword that features a laser beam instead of a classical sharp blade. That laser has proved to be even deadlier than the blade throughout the legendary Star Wars series.

To celebrate Fortnite’s crossover with Star Wars, the official Darth Vader teaser trailer came out:

Here’s what the description has to say, as IGN’s YouTube channel quotes:

Darth Vader has arrived on Fortnite Island. The fallen Jedi has begun his campaign, landing at specific Fortnite Darth Vader locations each match, accompanied by some Fortnite Stormtroopers. Players will need to defeat Darth Vader and collect his Lightsaber, which can be used to swing or throw at enemies, as well as block incoming fire.

Chapter 3 Season 3 of Fortnite has a lot of exciting stuff to bring to the game. We learned, for instance, about the new Grappling Hook, a tool that can easily be used by players to get from one point to another faster than before.

Back in April, a much-demanded weapon by the fans was brought back into the game: the Heavy Sniper Rifle. Using this beauty is going to solve a lot of problems in the battle royale game.

The patch notes were crystal clear:

The Heavy Sniper Rifle is back in business and has been overhauled to combat the recent rampage of vehicles. Its high-caliber rounds now deal bonus damage to vehicles, making it the perfect tool to dismantle a Titan or breach an opponent’s defenses from long range.

What do you think about the Fortnite x Star Wars crossover?

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