‘Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero’ Has an Official English Dub Voices Trailer – Watch it NOW

Credit: Toei Animation

After a long wait of 4 years, Dragon Ball is finally back in 2022 with an animated show. It’s not the Dragon Ball Super anime coming back, but just another animated film. It was arguably worth the wait even so, as the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie brought a pretty unique plot and an entirely different animation style from what was ever seen in the franchise.

CGI animation was used in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie and many are already liking it. The Japanese voice actors, such as Masako Nozawa (voice of Goku and Gohan) or Ryō Horikawa (voice of Vegeta), have done a pretty impressive job in the movie, and it’s just a matter of time until the English dubbed version comes out.

We’ll have to wait until August to hear the full contributions of Seam Schemmel (voice of Goku) or Chris Sabbat (voice of Piccolo and Vegeta) for the new Dragon Ball movie. They’re performing the English voices, and they’ve been doing it for many years when it comes to Dragon Ball. We already have a sample of how their voices will sound in the new Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero movie:

Without getting into spoilers, we must say that there’s pretty much insane stuff happening in this movie! You know, just like in the classical Dragon Ball way! While Goku and Vegeta are busy training with Whis far away from Earth, it will be up to Gohan and Piccolo to save the day this time and protect the world against the new androids created by the Red Ribbon Army. Goku’s son will have some difficulties recovering his fighting sense after many times he skipped training for studying, but his old trainer and friend Piccolo is there once again to bring him in the right shape!


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