Why Is CBD Becoming More And More Popular?

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The CBD market in the U.S is expected to grow to $23.7 billion by 2023 while in the UK, the CBD market is currently valued at approximately £700 million. In the past few years CBD has become one of the most popular natural wellness products but what makes CBD so popular?

Why Is CBD So Popular

CBD has widespread appeal but there are varied reasons why this natural extract from the Cannabis plant is so popular.

CBD has multiple health benefits

CBD is widely used for its health benefits which include pain relief, treating sleep disorders, reducing inflammation and treating mood disorders. Potent strains of CBD like mimosa weed have been found to have a positive effect on health by interacting with the endocannabinoid system of the central nervous system.

CBD not only helps in relieving chronic pain but also has anti-inflammatory properties that have made it an effective natural therapy for people with chronic conditions like arthritis. It is also widely used in combating depression, anxiety and other mood disorders and has been found to have similar effects as antidepressants.

Various studies into the use of CBD have also found that CBD is effective in treating some types of epilepsy. Studies are also ongoing into the potential efficacy of CBD against COVID-19, osteoarthritis, certain cancers and other diseases.

CBD is a natural product

One of the main reasons why CBD has become a major hit in the wellness industry is that it is a natural plant extract. With the increase in damaging side effects from traditional medication and other synthetic or manufactured products, the need for unadulterated natural therapies is at an all-time high.

CBD is extracted from the Cannabis plant and sold in different states in its natural form. This means that it is well tolerated by most people since there are no chemical additives in it that can trigger side effects or adverse reactions. Most people can tolerate CBD well in its pure form which does not include the psychoactive compound THC.

CBD is available in different forms

CBD is one of the most versatile therapeutic products available. It can be taken orally, applied topically, inhaled or added to foods. This means that there are many convenient options that CBD can be administered which makes it convenient for people of all ages and even pets.

The availability of CBD in different forms also makes it possible for people who are not partial to the taste to access CBD in a form that appeals to them.

What CBD Products Are Available

  • Oils, tinctures and capsules: CBD oils and tinctures are popular forms of CBD that can be taken orally or sublingually. CBD is also available in capsules that can be especially useful if you want to take a specific dose of CBD per day.
  • Edibles: from CBD lattes to gummies and cookies, there are multiple ways to take CBD in food. Edibles are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to get your daily dose of CBD in your favorite snacks or drinks.
  • Topicals: CBD is available in topicals that can be applied to the skin. This makes it easy for people who do not enjoy the taste of CBD to experience its therapeutic effects.
  • Vape juices: CBD is available in the form of vape juices that can be inhaled to get the beneficial effects of CBD.

Is CBD Safe?

The safety profile of CBD has contributed to its popularity. As a natural plant extract, CBD has minimal side effects for most people and can be safely consumed even by pets. When taken in the right doses, CBD is well tolerated by most people.

However, it is important to ensure that you choose CBD products that do not contain THC to avoid the psychoactive effects of Cannabis. It is also important to always talk to your doctor before taking CBD if you have a health condition or are on medication.


The CBD market is set to grow even further as research into the potential health benefits of this potent endocannabinoid continues. Many people have improved their health and overall well being with CBD, but it is important to use CBD responsibly.

Most CBD products are widely available but since the industry is not government regulated, there is a risk of getting substandard or adulterated products. Always purchase CBD products from reputable vendors like 2fast4buds.com and consult a physician if you have underlying health conditions before using CBD.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.