Dragon Ball Super: Goku Could Prepare for New Battles in Hell

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Dragon Ball Super has long continued the story even after the anime ended back in March 2018 with the stunning conclusion of the Tournament of Power arc. The manga version of the series has brought new terrible villains and plot twists for the public to enjoy, and probably there’s a lot more to come.

While it’s impossible to say for sure what will happen in the near future of Dragon Ball Super, that doesn’t mean that we cannot try to predict. We have strong reasons to believe that everyone’s favorite Saiyan is preparing for new cataclysmic battles than before, only that this time, they will occur in a completely different place: into the depths of Hell.

Dragon Ball has already presented the realm of the damned several times

We’ve seen Hell depicted in Dragon Ball already before, but even so, there are strong reasons to believe that Dragon Ball Super will add more focus to it. Hell was presented in Dragon Ball Z when Goku, who was dead after sacrificing himself during the battle against Raditz, accidentally fell there after taking a nap on Snake Way. In Dragon Ball‘s Hell, the lost souls get to get tormented throughout eternity in different ways. For instance, Frieza got tormented by teddy bears dancing around him.

Dragon Ball Super’s focus on the afterlife and deities isn’t coincidental

The Dragon Ball Super series has added more focus on the afterlife and deities than Dragon Ball Z. Super has even focused on battles between deities, indicating a possible confrontation between good and evil in the future of the series. Therefore, Goku teaching some manners to devils and demons doesn’t sound like a wacky scenario anymore. Demons coming from Hell to Earth, for instance, could also represent an interesting scenario for the future of the series, and obviously, Goku has to be there to take care of the situation.

If you remember back in Dragon Ball GT, a show that ended many years ago, we’ve seen a scenario in which demons and evil souls were released from Hell in order to wreak havoc on Earth. As a result, characters such as Nappa, the Gyniu Force, Cooler, and many others had the chance to try to get their revenge. Perhaps the scenario could have been exploited even better, and perhaps the manga version of Dragon Ball Super will add more salt to the plot. At some point, Goku was fighting both Frieza and Cell in Hell back in Dragon Ball GT.

Frieza’s return in Super

Dragon Ball Super has shown that Frieza was recruited by Goku in order to participate in the Tournament of Power to save the Universe from getting erased by Zeno. Frieza decided to do it when Goku promised him in Hell a full resurrection with the dragon balls. Therefore, Goku went to Hell surprisingly often when we consider the fact that the beloved Saiyan is kind-hearted and always willing to fight for a good cause. But Goku’s visits to Hell seem to indicate a much more captivating scenario, including the Valley of the damned in the future of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball still has a lot to prove despite the fact that Akira Toriyama is no longer among us. May God rest his soul in peace, and we are all deeply grateful for his work regarding Dragon Ball projects!

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