Coinbase Integrates Apple Pay for Crypto Purchases

According to the latest reports, it seems that Coinbase has just integrated Apple Pay for crypto purchases. Here are more details about the matter below.

Coinbase integrates Apple Pay

Coinbase cryptocurrency exchange, has recently announced that it will integrate Apple Pay for its users based in the United Kingdom.

This new feature will enable users to purchase Bitcoin and other digital assets directly from their iPhones, using the Apple Pay function.

Coinbase has introduced the option of using Apple Pay to purchase cryptocurrencies, stating that this method is more secure and private.

The exchange has emphasized that when users make transactions using Apple Pay, their card numbers are not stored on the device or Apple servers.

Instead, a unique device account number is assigned, encrypted, and stored in a chip designed for securing payment information.

The integration has been introduced at a time when the cryptocurrency market is experiencing a decline in trading volume and retail interest.


Coinbase has recently reported a decrease in crypto volumes as the market looks for new stories to push prices up.

Although the upcoming Bitcoin halving event could potentially cause price increases, the exchange has recognized the difficulty of navigating a historically weak period for risky assets like crypto.

Daniel Seifert, the UK Country Director at Coinbase, stated that the new integration helps make accessibility to digital assets easier in the country.

He said, as per Finance Magnates: “We know users already love using Apple Pay in their daily lives, so it only made sense to bring this convenient way to pay to Coinbase as well.”

In other recent news, it looks like MicroStrategy’s CEO, Michael Saylor, continues to place the spotlight on Bitcoin. He’s already well-known as a Bitcoin maximalist.

Saylor has recently addressed the legitimacy of Bitcoin and said that the king crypto could hit $1 million. Here’s the video in which he places the spotlight on BTC below.

Stay tuned for more interesting news from the crypto space.

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