Check Out These Fortnite Creative Map Codes – 2021 Edition

Fortnite’s Creative mode aired back in 2018 as the most extensive sandbox experience for gamers to build what they like most. Since then, not a single player’s imagination has been neglected nor rewarded, and the Creative mode has made its path to fame. 

However, for a better experience, you can use map codes to get more community creations, each with a new way of playing. Curious to find out more?

Here are some of the best Creative map codes you don’t want to miss.

Cybernite 2 Code: 5959-5776-7711

Fans of Cyperbunk 2077 are going to love this one here! Cybernite 2 is a sleek Fortnite map full of futuristic vibes and bright lights. 

The map lets you take on the role of The Hacker, part of a group called Scorpion, and explore a cool neon-coloured District.

Dead by Fortlight Code: 8099-5981-3796

This map features the cult classic Dead by Daylight, a ‘horroresque’ experience entangled with survival and smashing killers. 

Purple Garden Code: 3449-3963-3944

Purple Garden is by far the darkest map in Fortnite’s Creative mode. You have to explore a lot and solve various mysteries. 

This map is also one of the most popular customs maps of all time, dealing with stuff like “What really happens to a player after they’re eliminated in Battle Royale mode?”

The Hudson Mansion Code: 4293-5026-9534

The Hudson Mansion is an original horror story that’ll take you to another realm. You get the role of a brave journalist exploring the Hudson family’s mystery. 

This one here might remind you a bit of the popular TV series Nancy Drew and her attempts to solve many mysteries around the Hudson family.

The Last Maze Code: 7807-0098-3064

The Last Maze map is clearly an inspiration from the popular Maze Runner franchise, the movies and books.

You’ll get an intriguing labyrinth experience filled with strange occurrences and terror.

The Shire From LOTR Code: 2341-0879-7382

The Shire from the beloved Lord of the Rings franchise is also available in Fortnite, featuring J. R. R. Tolkien’s famous landscape. 

This map will be the perfect escape after a tough battle. Finally, you’ll get to enjoy something a little more zen while exploring the Hobbit House. 



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