Why Do You Need Core Strength – How to Start Working Out

The lockdowns and working from home due to the recent pandemic made us more sedentary, and for some of us, that’s a big issue. Moving less can affect our core strength, resulting in lower back pain and knee pain. 

The core muscles need a proper function so that you can stand, walk, lift things without feeling sick. What exactly is the core, and what can you do to improve it?

Here is what you need to know.

The Core 101: What Should You Know

The core includes the muscles in your torso, midsection, pelvis and spine. These muscles are not incredibly strong, but you may be surprised what their role is. 

Core muscles stabilize your pelvis and spine, helping you maintain a good posture and move your limbs easily. But that’s not all.

These muscles also protect you against injury. For example, if you strengthen your core muscles, you’ll be less likely to suffer from back pains or injuries.

Do You Need to Work Out on Your Core Strength?

As previously mentioned, by not using your core muscle properly or enough, they become weak. And weakness is sometimes associated with lower back pain or knee pain. 

If you haven’t been exercising for quite a while and you deal with low to severe back pain, that’s a sign to start working on your core. 

Remember that it’s always better if you discuss it with a doctor or a specialist first. Following a correct exercising routine is essential!

How to Strengthen Your Core

Your core muscles activate when running or just walking. But that might be not enough for strengthening your core.

According to experts, the traditional stomach crunch or sit-ups are highly efficient. In addition, they’ve proven to strengthen the core muscles well, especially the muscles on the front of the torso. 

TIP: get into a push-up position, raise a leg at a time from the hip, and keep your knee straight.






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