watchOS 10: New Apps For Apple Watch Ultra Are Coming Soon


Another day, another Apple piece of news we can’t just ignore! This time around, the Apple Watch Ultra steals the spotlight, stepping in for some future upgrades thanks to the watchOS 10. Expect some new apps that will definitely take advantage of Ultra’s big display. Let’s delve into more details to find out what we shouldn’t miss!

With a new emphasis on widgets as a means of granting us access to more insights from the things we need most, watchOS 10 is already positioned to be a cool yet remarkable update for Apple Watch Ultra and, of course, the other versions. According to a new claim from Bloomberg, watchOS 10 will also rework “all of the core apps” to better utilize bigger Apple Watch screen sizes. Are you curious about what watchOS will offer?

Mark Gurman from Bloomberg discussed the matter claiming:

Apple is revamping all of the core apps on the Apple Watch with new designs to take advantage of the larger displays on the Apple Watch Ultra and larger standard watches.

Furthermore, the tech giant based in Cupertino has created a unique hands-on space within Apple Park for headset demonstrations. The much-awaited WWDC23 event is scheduled to take place this June 5.

What are your thoughts about this WWDC23, and what do you wish to see?

Since the launch of the Apple Watch Ultra back in 2022, there have been some users that complained about a thing or two. What could’ve gone wrong? The Apple Watch Ultra features the biggest display of any Apple Watch ever made. However, many of the included apps and available watch faces haven’t yet been upgraded to actually take advantage of that big cool display. As a result, we’re now waiting for the watchOS 10 to improve that and come with some sleek features and, of course, apps to improve the users’ experience.

Georgia Nica
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