We Could Get Several New MacBooks at ‘One of Apple’s Longest Ever’ WWDC23 Events


Get ready for one of the best WWDC events humanity has ever seen! Based on Mark Gurman’s notes, Apple will mainly focus on three primary things during its WWDC keynote next week. The best part is that it’ll include “several new Macs!” And you know what does this mean, right?! This year WWDC will actually be one of the company’s longest events ever. Are you excited about it?!

So, Gurman believes that during the WWDC23’s keynote, we’ll get to see the introduction of “several” new MacBook models, some massive OS upgrades, and of course, the much-awaited mixed-reality headset. Obviously, it is unknown at the moment what the exact Mac models we could get to see, but all of our bets are definitely on a sleek 15-inch MacBook Air!

What do you hope to see this year at WWDC23? Let’s keep our fingers crossed to witness everything we wish for being released!

To recall, back in May 2022, Apple unveiled the incredible Mac Studio. The device draws its power from some mighty M1 Max and M1 Ultra processor combinations, which are totally sleek! So, practically, the company has not yet updated the Mac Studio since its big debut, despite the introduction of a variety of Macs with the M2, M2 Pro, and M2 Max CPUs. Chances to see an upgrade at WWDC23 are pretty much high at the moment.

Gurman went on further, saying that he anticipates the release of two new Mac Studio models but is unclear of the exact date.

Finally, another thing to take into consideration could be the Apple Silicon. However, Gurman said earlier this year that while he still anticipates a brand-new Mac Pro to arrive shortly this year, we shouldn’t get our hopes high.

Either way, whatever it takes to bring the most powerful and exciting devices and upgrades out there, one thing is sure: Apple usually doesn’t disappoint when it teases intriguing things!

Georgia Nica
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