Apple WWDC 2023: New Era and Coding New Worlds Are About to Start


Wondering what Apple has in store for us at the WWDC23? Well, fear not because the big event is getting closer, and the rumor mill is stirring quite the buzz; this time, however, we have an announcement from Apple. So, let’s delve into more details and get some insights into one of the biggest tech events the tech giant based in Cupertino is hosting.

This year at WWDC, Apple is openly teasing the beginning of something quite intriguing yet peculiar, “a new era” and the capability to “code new worlds.” That’s definitely going to gather around all the Apple and tech fans waiting for the big reveal. It’s also teasing us a lot about the whole ‘code new world’ thingy, as the AR/ VR headset has been highly rumored. Check out Apple‘s official announcement for WWDC23 on Twitter here.

The “new era” reference clearly plays to the great anticipation for next week’s WWDC presentation. And we’re all hooked on the feeling!

What are your thoughts so far about Apple’s WWDC23? What are you eager most to see and why?

The introduction of a significant new product and iOS – which would be awesome considering that the last time we saw such a thing was back in September 2014 (that’s quite a lot, isn’t it?!) – would appear to justify the beginning of a new era for the business.

However, Apple has also released a blog post titled “Code new worlds” on the Apple Developer website. What could this mean?! Well, based on the wording, we could think of several things, including programmers’ capacity to produce compelling virtual reality and augmented reality experiences for the tech giant’s much-awaited headset. And what really makes us excited here now is the fact that neither the terms “new era” nor “code new worlds” have been utilized up to this point by Apple. Isn’t that fascinating?!

Georgia Nica
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