Microsoft Won’t Support Cortana Anymore, As Per a New Report


We have to say goodbye to Cortana as Microsoft keeps going strong, expanding its lineup of AI-powered features and tools. But this shouldn’t necessarily be a bad case scenario because a new era is coming. As a result, the tech giant has just announced that as of later this year, it would “no longer support Cortana in Windows as a standalone app.”

Does the removal of Cortana from Windows really come as a shock? Back in May, we met Copilot, Microsoft’s new tool based on AI, which is genuinely incredible. Once it is generally available, Windows Copilot promises to assist users in performing almost everything that Cortana does. This AI tool will be available in the Windows taskbar, so it’s practically where you need it.

The thing is, Microsoft has not specified a date yet for when Cortana will be taken out of Windows. So, we’ll still see this functionality for a while. In case you’ve already raised your hopes high for a brand-new AI feature, you’ll have to wait first.

However, thinking about how things are, it is obvious that the company’s expanding collection of AI tools (from the Bing chatbot to the Microsoft 365 Copilot) takes time, and it’s a priority. Although Cortana will no longer be a part of Windows, the tech giant offered a glimpse into its future projects, claiming that this service will remain a part of Microsoft Teams mobile, Outlook mobile, Teams rooms, and Teams display for an undetermined period of time.

What are your thoughts so far about AI development? What do you wish to see in the future?

To recall, back in 2015, Microsoft introduced Cortana to Windows 10, giving us a sleek ability to use voice commands to launch programs, make reminders, and ask inquiries. But Microsoft has been quietly removing Cortana from the Windows experience over time.

Georgia Nica
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