Vegeta Has a New Training Technique in Dragon Ball Super

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Any Dragon Ball fan in the Multiverse knows that Vegeta is a hard working individual, even though he often falls behind Goku in terms of power. Goku is almost always one step ahead of his long time rival, which is why the Saiyan Prince is permanently motivated to push further in his training sessions.

One thing’s for sure: Vegeta never gives up. Furthermore, he had his short moments throughout the Dragon Ball series when he surpassed the one he also calls ‘Kakarot.’ Can it happen again? The Dragon Ball Super Manga, which continues the story long after the Tournament of Power from the Dragon Ball Super anime, gives us a hint that the mighty Saiyan Prince has an ace up his sleeve.

Vegeta surprises everyone with his new training style has discovered that during the latest Dragon Ball Super manga chapter, Vegeta surprises everyone by engaging in a new training technique that involves meditation and achieving a relaxed state during battle. This revelation comes as Goku is training Broly to make him control his Berserker rage. Vegeta reflects on his recent losses and realizes that he and his long-time rival need to improve their efficiency in wielding their Saiyan powers.

Vegeta’s new training technique aligns with the concept of Spirit Control that the Saiyan Prince learned on Planet Yardrat and his attainment of the form “Ultra Ego” in the Granolah Arc. While initially intended as a unique power for Vegeta, this chapter suggests a convergence with Goku’s Ultra Instinct mentality, hinting at a new direction for the power development of the Prince of all Saiyans.

If you want to learn more about Chapter 93 of the Dragon Ball Super Manga, you are already free to read it online.

Vegeta’s powers are already pretty close to the ones of Goku. Compared to the Tournament of Power arc, Vegeta has a new transformation known as Ultra Ego that makes him just about as strong as his long-time rival going Ultra Instinct.



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