Vitamin B6 Incredible Benefits: Why Do We Need It

Vitamin B6 is essential for your cardiovascular health, metabolism, and it’s an efficient nutrient that can boost your immune system.

However, as good as vitamin B6 is for you, there’s a catch. This vitamin is water-soluble, meaning that it is flushed out of your body. You need to consume it daily. So, how can you get enough vitamin B6 in your diet?

Here are some benefits of vitamin B6 and other useful details.

Healthy Brain Function

According to scientists, vitamin B6 plays a significant role in synthesizing essential neurotransmitters (some chemical messengers utilized by the nervous system and brain).

Here are a few neurotransmitters the vitamin helps synthesize:

  • Serotonin: maintains an overall positive mood; you feel happier;
  • Dopamine: responsible for motivation, movement, etc.;
  • Noradrenaline: generates the “fight or flight” response in your body when you’re in danger;
  • Melatonin: regulates your ability to fall asleep; improves sleep quality.

Keeps a Healthy Immune System

Your body really needs vitamin B6 to keep your immune system healthy! Why so?

“Vitamin B6 improves communication from “messenger” cells called chemokines, which direct white blood cells to areas of infection or damage,” explained Megan Wong, a dietitian at AlgaeCal.

According to 2006 research, vitamin B6 enhanced the immune response in critically ill people. Scientists divided 51 participants into three groups.

The first group received an injection of 50mg of vitamin B6, the second 100mg, and a control group. The results were genuinely intriguing.

The people who received 50 to 100mg of vitamin B6 experienced a boost in essential markers of immune response like total T-cell count.

Where Can You Get Vitamin B6?

Vitamin B6 is found in food and supplements. For example, just a cup of peanuts can bring your 0.7mg of B6.

Other foods include orange (0.1mg/orange), chicken (0.2mg/100gr), spinach (0.1mg/1 cup), soybeans (0.2mg/1 cup), and oats (0.1mg/1 cup).

Specialists recommend taking vitamin B6 supplements, but only if the diet doesn’t provide enough of it. Women over 18 can take 1.4mg/day, while men over 18, 1.7mg/day.

Consider talking with a doctor first to find how much vitamin B6 you need and other significant details. Also, check these essential tips and tricks to boost your immune system!

Georgia Nica
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