Pokemon Go Searching for Legends Event: Raids, Shiny Nosepass, and More

A new Pokemon Go limited-time event is now available, introducing exciting stuff and Shiny Pokemon!

Niantic celebrates the Pokemon franchise’s most praised Legendaries in Go via The Season of Legends, and the first event to air is Searching for Legends. From more Raids centered around the Unova region’s Forces of Nature: Thundrus, Landorus, and Tornadus, to new Shiny Pokemon, we got a lot to dig in!

Here is what you need to know.

Searching for Legends Date and Start Time

Pokemon Go welcomed the new Season of Legends on March 1, announcing three special events that will soon kick in. 

The first, Searching for Legends, will start on March 9 at 10 AM and end on March 14 at 8 AM local time.

This limited-time event will focus on the Nosepass and guide players to search for monsters. So, the Pokemon will spawn more, with the chance of a Shiny version boosted.

Searching for Legends All Raids Schedule

1-star Raids

  • Ferroseed;
  • Nosepass;
  • Klink;
  • Drilbur;
  • Roggenrola;
  • Alolan Diglett.

3-star Raids

  • Metang;
  • Alolan Graveler;
  • Skarmory;
  • Magneton.

5-star Raids

  • Incarnate Forme Thundurus: March 11 at 8 AM;
  • Tornadus (Incarnate Forme): March 6 at 8 AM to March 11 at 8 AM local time.

Searching for Legends Expected Features

Searching for Legends will introduce many features, including:

  • Attracted to Incense: Alolan Geodude, Alolan Diglett, Nosepass, Lairon, Roggenrola, Magnemite, Bedum, Aron, Drilbur;
  • Boosted spawn rates: Geodude, Roggenrola, Nosepass, Diglett, Drilbur, Baltoy, Mangemite, Aron;
  • Event-exclusive Field Research tasks and Timed Research: Nosepass encounters;
  • Shiny Spotlight: Nosepass;
  • SKM eggs: Baltoy, Magnemite, Drilbur, Nosepass, Aron, Beldum.

Niantic didn’t unveil more information about the Searching for Legends limited-time event. We might get more stuff coming on March 9.

As for those who’re looking to add Hoenn fan-praised Metagross to their collection, they should mark their calendars. The Season of Legends will offer many chances to catch Metang and Beldum. These Pokemon are great because they can evolve into pseudo-Legendary creatures.

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