Gmail Makes It Easier to Search for Your Important Emails

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Let’s face it: scrambling through your inbox to find that important email from over a year ago isn’t always a comfortable operation. Although Gmail is one of the most widespread mail services out there, it still has its limits. But what Google is preparing will surely delight you if you’re one of Gmail’s numerous customers!

Machine learning doesn’t represent anything new in the world of technology. Google will now harness it in order to improve the search results of Gmail users who want to find something important in their inboxes as fast as possible.

Watch out for ‘Top results’!

Google is working on a new “Top results” category that uses machine learning to improve the email search results in Gmail, as XDA has discovered. This new feature was initially announced on the Google Workspace Updates blog, and it aims to enhance the search experience on the Gmail app for mobile users. Therefore, those using Gmail from their laptops will have to comply for the moment.

On its Workspace Updates blog, Google wrote:

This highly requested feature gives you the most relevant information first, allowing you to more quickly and easily find specific emails or files.

Machine learning models will analyze the search term, recent emails, as well as other factors to display the most relevant results. The new “Top results” section will be prominently displayed in the search results area of the Gmail app, offering users a convenient way to find their important emails.

Google aims to roll out the new ‘Top results’ feature gradually over the next two weeks for both Google Workspace customers and personal Google accounts. In other words, keep an eye on your Gmail app! Keeping your Android phone connected to the internet through a WiFi network is also very important in order to make sure that the new feature will arrive to you once it becomes available.

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