Top Minecraft Factions Servers of the Year

Minecraft Factions rapidly became some of the most popular game modes ever since the game was launched more than ten years ago.

Factions servers typically differ from one another in terms of gameplay.

However, most servers have the players spawn within a PVP-enabled world in which players get to form their custom groups known as factions.

Some players can even use TNT cannons to contribute in raid, pillage, and loot-based gameplay against other factions to thrive on numerous servers.

Most factions servers have unique PvP, little to no lag, excellent maps, and top-tier features.

Let’s see our top picks!

MassiveCraft Factions – IP:

MassiveCraft calls itself the “original minecraft Factions server,” as it came to life nearly ten years ago.

MassiveCraft was made by and is still administrated by the team that worked on the first Minecraft factions plugin, which numerous factions servers use to date.

As the founding fathers of factions, players can expect top-notch gameplay quality from MassiveCraft.

The server features numerous unique traits that you can’t find elsewhere, like custom mobs, bosses, items, and dedicated questlines.


Mox MC is considered one of the best factions servers in a broad server list.

The server is made with PvP culture in mind, and, upon joining, players can rapidly jump into the action by typing “/kit pvp.”

Using that command grants players a free powerful PvP kit containing gear, potions, and more.

Another fantastic feature available on Mox MC is its specific auction house system.

With that system, players can auction valuables to the whole server and place bids for items that are on sale by other players.

Archon – IP:

Archon is by far one of the most reputable servers to date.

It has a broad player base of thousands of active players that it accumulated over its 8-year lifespan.

The Archon is highly competitive, and it grants thousands of dollars each season to the players of the best factions.

In terms of gameplay, the server heavily focuses on PvP culture and TNT raiding.

Cosmis PvP IP –

Cosmic PvP is a Factions server that includes numerous individual faction servers.

The servers are often referred to as “planets”, and each of them is unique in its own way.

Currently, there are three unique planets, and each of them features hundreds of concurrent players.

Amazingly, Cosmis PvP also features a custom Minecraft client, dubbed the “Cosmic Client.”

The client features numerous PvP FPS optimizations.

Additionally, it grants the server the option to feature content that other servers typically wouldn’t include, like custom textures, minimaps, voice chats, and so on.

Viper MC –

Viper MC is one of the main hardcore faction servers, featuring an average of nearly 10,000 active players at the beginning of each map.

For players who are new to the concept, hardcore factions is a game mode meant to be less forgiving and highly competitive.

When you die in HCF (hardcore factions), you get a “deathban,” which means that you won’t be able to re-join the server for a while.

If you die too often in HCF servers like Viper MC, you become “raidable,” which means that other players can raid your base and steal your assets.

We suggest giving all servers a try as they all feature fantastic gameplay that can keep you captivated for many hours!

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