Windows 11 Insider Preview vs. Windows 10: New Benchmarks

Windows 11 is here, and fans are not exactly thrilled, considering the requirements it needs to work properly. As you probably already know, it won’t work on older laptops, and if you want to enjoy it fully, you might have to buy a new laptop.

But before doing that, some fans have opted for the Windows 11 beta version, but they are worried it might ruin their system. Let’s find out if this is true.

After installing the Insider Preview, we start asking some important questions: will the laptop work faster, having brand new windows? Or it will get slower, as there is a new OS installed on an older hardware? To answer these questions, we will need to wait for the final release of Windows 11. As of now, this Insider Preview is full of bugs, and it is so far away from the final version, but let’s see what we have for now.

Windows 11 vs Windows 10 benchmarks compared: Alienware Area-51m

Windows 10 got:

  • GeekBench 4: 30271
  • Cinebench R15: 1994
  • 3D Mark Port Royale: 5769

Windows 11 got:

  • GeekBench 4: 29444
  • Cinebench R15: 1810
  • 3D Mark Port Royale: 6108

Windows 11 vs Windows 10 benchmarks compared: Microsoft Surface Laptop Go

Windows 10 got:

  • GeekBench 4: 2983
  • Cinebench R15: 1034

Windows 11 got:

  • GeekBench 4: 3399
  • Cinebench R15: 1096

While the beta version is very easy to install, you might want to wait a bit before doing so, as you may encounter some difficulties after — and you probably need your laptop. We know that it works well on newer budget laptops. And on them, it works normal, and it’s good. A few minor bugs, that will probably be solved soon, such as the Start Menu search tool does not accept keyboard input.

We’ll watch the development of Windows 11 closely, and we cannot wait to see the final results of the official version.

Tonia Nissen
Based out of Detroit, Tonia Nissen has been writing for Optic Flux since 2017 and is presently our Managing Editor. An experienced freelance health writer, Tonia obtained an English BA from the University of Detroit, then spent over 7 years working in various markets as a television reporter, producer and news videographer. Tonia is particularly interested in scientific innovation, climate technology, and the marine environment.