Super Dragon Ball Heroes: Ultra God Mission Episode 9 Has a Wild Scenario

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Super Dragon Ball Heroes continues the story left behind by the Dragon Ball Super anime, meaning that Goku and the gang have to face new powerful threats after the end of the Tournament of Power. In fact, our heroes have to face many foes of the past because of some timespace gimmick.

Super Dragon Ball Heroes is approaching its 50th episode, and now we have fresh details on what’s going on in Ultra God Mission Episode 9, thanks to ComicBook and the main source SupaChronicles.

Ultra God Mission Episode 9 brings intense battles

With its “Ultra God Mission” storyline featuring a tournament of warriors from different realities and timelines, the series has captivated fans with its unique twists and turns. One notable development is Yamcha’s unexpected potential bride, which has sparked discussions among Dragon Ball enthusiasts.

The next episode of Super Dragon Ball Heroes is set to release on June 10th, and it promises intense battles and a climactic showdown. The episode is titled “Demigra’s Overwhelming Power,” and the intensity continues to rise as the Z-Fighters face the challenges brought forth by the Tournament of Space And Time. The Dark King known as Demigra displays his incredible power, posing a serious threat to Aeos, the former Supreme Kai of Time. However, just as Demigra is about to crush Aeos, Vegetto, the fused form of Goku and Vegeta, courageously steps in to deliver a decisive blow. The episode reaches its climax with a fierce battle to the death.

While the conclusion of the Ultra God Mission remains uncertain, fans eagerly await the future of the main Dragon Ball Super series, with the manga hinting at the introduction of new characters and transformations. Frieza having a new powerful form that makes him stronger than Goku and Vegeta is probably the most exciting fact of the manga at this point.

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