New God of War Game Is Coming but it’s Not What You Think!

Later this year, it seems, we will learn more about a new God of War game, though it probably won’t be what fans are hoping for.

The annual report for investors was made available last week by CMON Games, a significant board game publisher with headquarters in Singapore.

In the report, CMON hinted at some of their future plans and provided a look ahead to the rest of the year.

The publisher wrote that “In 2023, we plan to launch new games not only using our own IPs, but also games based on other popular IPs such as Song of Ice & Fire and God of War.”

Fans anticipate that the new God of War game may be a tabletop adaptation of the 2018 God of War or its sequel God of War: Ragnarok, despite CMON’s lack of further details.

The publisher is best known for creating board games that feature intricate, high-quality miniatures.

The God of War card game that CMON released in 2019 suggests that it has kept the rights to create tabletop games based on the IP.

It’s important to remember that CMON also publishes small tabletop RPGs and has previously stated intentions to create an Assassin’s Creed TTRPG, so that’s another option.

It also needs to be pointed out that CMON primarily raises funds through crowdfunding campaigns, and we anticipate that the upcoming God of War game will also include a Kickstarter of some sort.

Due to the fact that many publishers have discovered that video games have a level of crossover appeal that is absent from traditional tabletop IPs, tabletop adaptations of video games are a rapidly expanding sub-genre. Recent years have seen the release of adaptations of video games like Horizon: Zero Dawn, Monster Hunter World, and Cyberpunk 2077, with many of the most major tabletop Kickstarters involving video game IPs.

Ionela Ghergus
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