Samsung Galaxy S23 Displays Blurry Photos, But a Fix is Coming

Credit: Samsung

Samsung released its flagship series for 2023, the Galaxy S23 lineup, back in February. While the world has been amazed by the new phones’ capabilities, such as the integration of the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset, the increased durability, or the advanced cameras, nothing is perfect in life. It even applies to the new Samsung Galaxy S23.

Two of the phones of the Galaxy S23, meaning the standard S23 and the S23 Plus, have shown some issues when it comes to displaying photos. To be more precise, some photos appear blurry for a small portion of them, which caused some users to become frustrated.

There are temporary fixes for the problem

Although an official fix from Samsung is still yet to come, there are ways to overcome the blurry photo issue if you have a Samsung Galaxy s23 or S23 Plus. You can either try to hold the phone vertically while you try to take a photo or take the photo while you position your device at least 1 foot or 30 cm away.

A post coming from the Samsung Poland community forum describes the issue, as GSMArena quotes:

While testing the camera capabilities of the S23 or S23+, you may have noticed that the area around the subject looks a bit blurred when taking a close-up shot. This is because the rear wide-angle camera on the S23 and S23+ has a bright aperture, which helps when taking photos in the dark. However, this also means that more noticeable selective focus can make the background of your photos look a bit blurry.

GSMArena also reveals that Samsung didn’t try to hide the issue and that the tech giant is already working on a fix. At this point, there’s no telling when the fix will arrive, but keeping an eye on the latest news is crucial.

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