“Sand Land,” the Dragon Ball Creator’s Manga, Receives a Game Adaptation

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Akira Toriyama is the creator of the famous Dragon Ball franchise. He was the manga artist who first put on paper the legendary Son Goku and his wacky spiky hair back in the day when our hero was just a child. In case you want to see more recent work of Toriyama, you might as well take a look at “Sand Land,” a manga that was originally published over two decades ago.

After a pretty long wait, “Sans Land” is now getting a game adaptation. That certainly cannot surprise anyone, considering that many mangas and animes out there become games as well sooner or later.

The “Sand Land” game will be available for PlayStation consoles

The upcoming “Sand Land” video game will become available for PlayStation consoles, which means that playing it won’t be too difficult. Either PlayStation 5 or PlayStation 4 will qualify.

The upcoming game is being built using Unreal Engine 5 technology, and Bandai Namco is the publisher. No precise release date has been revealed so far, but we can still learn a lot about the game due to its trailer:

The whole point of Sand Land is to step in the shoes of a demon prince who sees himself forced to fight for the sake of the entire humanity. If that’s not weird enough, you can keep in mind that the game also unfolds a post-apocalyptic world.

In the Sand Land manga, there’s a world scorched by the relentless dance of natural catastrophes and ravaged by the unforgiving tides of war. Bereft of its nourishing embrace, Sand Land finds itself in the clutches of a ruthless monarch whose insatiable greed inflates the cost of the remaining droplets, leaving its parched denizens to plunder and pilfer from one another in desperate pursuit of water and wealth. Weary of this tyrannical reign, Sheriff Rao casts aside the veil of despair and beseeches the enigmatic denizens of Sand Land—demons born of shadow and flame—for aid in the search for a new wellspring.

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