Meta is Now Testing Reels on Quest; What to Expect Next?


Meta is currently thinking of a new approach regarding one of its most popular social playgrounds: Instagram’s Reels. Mark Zuckerberg, the founder, and CEO of Meta, made the announcement and released a cool thirteen-second video with influencer Austin Sprinz, in which he traveled to the pool with the deepest water in the world. The incredible movie is an excellent option for VR, bringing you right into the action and leaving you breathless.

As you may know already, Meta Quest may be used for a variety of activities, including playing games, browsing the internet, watching movies, and more. But there’s more than meets the eye, like literally! Reels (normally displayed vertically) on Meta could have quite the view. That is really interesting, to say the least!

Unfortunately, there isn’t a timetable for when the new Reels feature will exit the testing phase and become accessible on all Meta Quest headsets. There’s also no indication of if it will.

Both the autumn release of Meta Quest 3 and the unveiling of Apple’s new AR/VR headset dubbed Vision Pro have prompted the development team behind Reels to deliver an upgrade. However, considering that the Quest 3 has a starting price of $499 and the Vision Pro has a price tag of $3,499, the two products do not quite belong in the same category.

Reels were initially conceived as Instagram’s response to the competition posed by TikTok. It was shortly introduced on Facebook and later on Instagram. What are your thoughts about Reels so far?

The Oculus Quest range of virtual reality (VR) headsets by Meta was initially introduced as Oculus Quest, followed by Oculus Quest 2, and then the second-generation device was renamed as Meta Quest 2. Soon after the company changed its name, the Meta Quest Pro was released, and it’s quite the gadget!

Stay tuned for more cool info!

Georgia Nica
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