PUBG Joins Dragon Ball – Check Out the Release Date

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Last year in August, we shared the news that a PUBG x Dragon Ball crossover is in the works. Today, we have official confirmation, as well as a release date. Therefore, those willing to see Goku and Vegeta shooting one another in PUBG Mobile will have only a few days more to wait.

It seems that it has become a custom for game developers to make such partnerships with Dragon Ball. The insanely-popular anime franchise has also been part of a crossover with Fortnite. While gamers of that battle royale game got to move around Goku, Vegeta, Bulma, and Beerus, it seems that PUBG players won’t be so lucky. According to the information we have now, we can expect to see only Goku and Vegeta in PUBG Mobile. But still, those are the most beloved Dragon Ball characters, so it won’t affect gamers too much.

PUBG Mobile x Dragon Ball collaboration launches on July 12

Those willing to play the forthcoming crossover between PUBG Mobile and Dragon Ball will only have to wait until Wednesday. In other words, PUBG Mobile players will have to grab the new 2.7 version of the game in order to benefit from the crossover.

The information is confirmed by the official Twitter account of PUBG Mobile, so there’s no room for doubt.

Luckily, there are numerous ways that Dragon Ball can be adapted to the battle royal environment of PUBG. The new characters will likely be able to fire energy waves at one another, destroy buildings, fly across the map, and so on. Goku will probably be able to use the Instant Transmission technique as well, meaning to teleport from one point of the map to another in an instant.

PUBG Mobile can be downloaded from the Google Play Store by those who want to play the game on an Android device or from the App Store of Apple in the case of those who prefer playing on an iPhone or on another iOS device.

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