Twitch 15.6.0_BETA APK Adds Optimizations and Fixes

A lot of people use Twitch to stream their gameplay while running titles such as FIFA, Call of Duty, Counter-Strike, Fortnite, and a lot more. But not everybody is aware that you can also use the famous platform from your smartphone in a similar way as you do it from a laptop or desktop PC.

Now, you have another reason to consider using Twitch from an Android phone. The platform has recently been updated to version 15.6.0. Although it needs to be said that the new version is only in its beta phase for the moment, it’s still worthy of attention, and we’ll find out immediately why.

What’s new in Twitch 15.6.0_BETA APK

The new Twitch 15.6.0_BETA update is now available in APK form, and you can get your hands on it as an APK bundle of 2 splits, to be more precise. All you need is at least Android 5 running on your device, and you’re all set!

What the new Twitch 15.6.0_BETA APK update brings can be detailed very easily: the new version adds fixes for bugs and stability, as well as optimizations for the app itself. The patch notes don’t tell us more, but even so, they give us strong reasons to install and run the new update if we’re using Twitch on our phones.

Here’s a relevant description of the app coming from the Google Play Store:

Twitch is where thousands of communities come together for our favorite streamers, for the games we love, for the lulz, for each other, for whatever. Download Twitch and join millions enjoying live games, music, sports, esports, podcasts, cooking shows, IRL streams, and whatever else crosses our community’s wonderfully absurd minds. We’ll see you in chat.

How much do you like using your Twitch mobile app? Feel free to share your experiences with us in the comments!

Cristian Antonescu
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