Apple Prepares a Foldable Screen Laptop

Foldable devices don’t represent anything new nowadays, and they’ll certainly become a standard in the near future. However, not only smartphones have the “right” to become foldable, as laptops can also get into that area.

How about a laptop that has a folding screen? That would certainly look very futuristic, but guess what? After a few years after such devices launch on the market, they will become a standard as well. That’s just how technology works, whether we like it or not!

But wait, doesn’t the world already have foldable screen laptops? Of course, we do! It’s the Zenbook Fold of ASUS that we’re talking about! But according to Business Korea, we can expect Apple to launch such a laptop as well!

Apple will launch a foldable MacBook as soon as 2026

According to the source mentioned above, the Cupertino-based tech giant will launch its own foldable screen laptop as soon as 2026. In fact, it will be a more modern-looking MacBook, as you’ve probably already guessed. If the information is true, Apple is already discussing this with suppliers, which means that we must take the news very seriously.

As the world embraces the era of foldable technology, Korean companies are already joining forces to create and manufacture foldable OLED panels for laptops. They are synchronizing their efforts to tap into the expanding market for foldable panels in the realm of IT devices.

OLED screens outshine their LCD counterparts when it comes to color capabilities, boasting a remarkable 60-fold increase in color display with a stunning range of 1.07 billion colors compared to only 16.7 million colors of typical LCD laptop displays. Furthermore, OLED screens achieve an astonishing color gamut coverage, delivering a full 100% DCI-P3 spectrum, leaving most LCD laptop displays trailing behind at a mere 62.5% coverage.

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Cristian Antonescu
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