Pokemon Sword and Shield New Max Raid Battle Brings GMAX Orgbeetle, Machamp, and More

Pokemon Sword and Shield is famous for its sleek Max Raid Battles and rewards. These events have also been upgraded a lot, especially after the Normal & Dragon type event ended.

For most of us, a Max Raid experience in the Wild Area is the best way to level our Pokemon and collect essential resources. Now, the game welcomes another round of awesomeness with cool new features and rewards, with Fighting & Psychic Pokemon types. 

Here is what you need to know.

Pokemon Sword and Shield New Max Raid Battle Event: What’s New

Following the recently finished Normal and Dragon-type event’s finale, developers have chosen to change some things a bit. We can now get to enjoy a cool new adventure, new Pokemon, and more rewards.

Fighting & Psychic-type Pokemon 

As leaked by Serebii, new Pokemon have been added to Raids. Psychic and Fighting-type Pokemon are now present in boosted Raids alongside the new Gigantamax Pokemon!

So, we get the chance to experience Max Raid Battles with Gigantamax Orgbeetle and Gigantamax Machamp, and more stuff yet to be discovered.

The new event will be available until February 28. We’ll get plenty of time to try the Raid adventure and take on the Dynamax Pokemon, as well.

More Details

Hopefully, this new Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid event brings the Pokemon you really wanted to see.

Remember that Max Raid Battles can be challenging. Get ready before you take on the new adventure. And even if you might have a hard time exploring everything and trying your best, the Raids are indeed worth your time!

Also, Max Raid Battles have some limits. For example, if 4 Pokemon are down or 10 turns pass, the match is over.

The new Pokemon Sword and Shield Max Raid Battle event will be available only for a limited time, until February 28. You might have a lot of time for the adventure, but remember that Max Raid can be challenging!

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