Pokemon GO’s Love Cup Event: Launch Date, Rules, and More

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Pokemon GO will bring us a special event! From lots of pink and red stuff to a gameplay twist, we should get ready for a romantic adventure.

Niantic has welcomed 2021 with great updates, including a range of cool events and some mighty Mega Bosses. Now, it’s getting ready to show some love by bringing us a special Valentine’s Day event next month.

Here is what you need to know.

Pokemon GO and the Love Cup: What to Expect

Start time

Pokemon GO will feature the special love-themed event between February 8 and February 15. Everything is settled for the month of love, so we should get ready.

Players will have a week to collect as many cute pink and red Pokemon as possible for the event.

Love Cup rules

The Love Cup will be a GO battle event with a love-themed twist and a few rules.

Players won’t be able to choose any of the Pokemon in their collection. Only the pink and red Pokemon with 1,500CP (or less) will be allowed in the competition. 

As for the Mythical or Legendary Pokemon, they will not be eligible. You can check up the full list of over 70 Pokemon here.

Some of the eligible Pokemon are:

  • Porygon;
  • Exeggcute;
  • Scizor;
  • Charmander;
  • Slowking;
  • Yanma;
  • Corsola;
  • Jigglypuff.

Notably, it seems that the upcoming Love Cup event will test the collection of every Pokemon GO trainer out there. It will also force us a bit to use Pokemon that we rarely pay attention to GO Battles. So, this is actually a win-win situation.

Hopefully, Niantic will continue introducing special events every month, especially with such a twist as Love Cup’s, to make the gameplay more exciting and challenging.

More Pokemon GO’s Love Cup stuff will be soon available. There are still some things yet to be discovered. Be sure to stay tuned for extra insights!

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