Pokemon Go Update – Where Can I Find Chikorita?

Source: Pokemon Go
Source: Pokemon Go

Johto region comes with a really special glass-type Pokemon, called Chikorita. You can now catch it during Pokemon GO’s current event.

Right now, Pokemon Go is celebrating its anniversary, and it has prepared a special event.  During this event, players will find many starter Pokemon, and will also be able to capture them for their collections.

Until the 15th of July, players will be able to find all the starter Pokemon from the first generation.

Chikorita comes as a great gift for players. It can evolve in Bayleef through 25 Chikorita candies. Then, it can evolve into Meganium through 100 more Chikorita candies. So you need to prepare and get lots of candies if you want to evolve Chikorita into Meganium.

Where can I find Chikorita?

Chikorita cannot be found with the increased Pokemon spawn rates. You will have to find new methods to find some Chikorita candies for the Collection Challenge event. You can find a shiny Chikorita if you are lucky enough.

If you want Chikorita to spawn, then you need to find a PokeStop. Lures last for an hour, and this makes it easier for you to catch lure-exclusive Pokemon. So you can find Piplup, Turtwig, Cyndaquil, Chespin, Totodile, Froakie and Chimchar. If you really want Chikorita, you might want to use a Mossy Lure.

You might want to keep in mind that lures are not the only way in which you can catch them. You can also spin PokeStops and get the event field research task. If you complete the task, there’s a chance you’ll see Chikorita, Cyndaquil, or Totodile.

Keep in mind that, even if you evolve Chikorita to Meganium, it will still be a glass-type Pokemon. It will still be weak in front of Bug, Flying, Fire, Ice and Poison-type of Pokemon.


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