Nintendo Switch 2 Release: Don’t Expect A 2023 Launch

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Even if the current Nintendo Switch system seems to have witnessed a decrease in sales momentum, we shouldn’t expect to see the Nintendo Switch 2 until 2023. There was some speculation that the Switch Pro was scrapped in favor of the Switch OLED Model when discussions regarding the next Switch generation began.
In the newest episode of DF Direct Weekly, members of Digital Foundry discuss the present and the history of Nintendo’s Switch system. Journalists were queried on the possibility of a Nintendo Switch 2 release in 2023 and the features they would anticipate in such a platform. John Linneman provided some less speculative information on Nintendo’s Switch plans, but the most of the conversation centered on people’s own opinions.

Beginning in 2021, rumors circulated that Nintendo would unveil a Switch Pro console, with some even claiming insider knowledge of the system’s features, capabilities, and release date. In July 2021, just when anticipation for the Switch Pro was peaking, Nintendo introduced the Switch OLED. It’s probable that a Switch Pro model was planned, but COVID-19 and the worldwide chips shortage put a stop to it, and instead Nintendo focused on improving the Switch’s display.

The Switch Pro has been speculated to be this “mid-generation Switch upgrade,” which suggests that a new Switch iteration is still in the works and is the subject of intriguing debate. Despite the decline in Nintendo Switch sales, John, Oliver, and Richard were not sure that a Switch 2 or Super Switch will be released in 2023. With the present Switch’s Tegra X1 showing its age, the Nvidia Tegra T239 chip that might wind up in a next-gen Switch remains a surprise.

While Nintendo has no plans to compete with the cutting-edge hardware of the PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, it will need to ensure a smooth launch for the next-generation Switch, which would be aided by maintaining complete compatibility with the present system. Higher resolution gaming at 60 frames per second when in handheld mode, as well as support for 4K and DLSS (possibly DLSS 2.0), have been proposed as improvements for a next-gen Switch. Improvements to the Nintendo Switch 2 have been speculated to include HDR compatibility, a 120 Hz refresh rate, and possibly the availability of an SSD.

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