Say Goodbye to Digital Clutter: Tips to Declutter Your iOS Devices

It’s easy to let our iOS devices become a jumbled tangle of unnecessary applications, images, and files in this day of constant connectivity. Not only does this slow down our device’s performance, but it also makes it harder to find what we need when we need it. Thus, we should all take some time to organize and streamline their digital life. De-cluttering your iOS device is easy with the help of this article.

  •  Delete Unnecessary Apps

Clearing up your iOS device starts with removing unused programs. It’s simple to save applications “just in case” we might need them in the future, or to download them and then never use them. Yet these unneeded applications might eat up space and slow down your device. To uninstall an app, touch and hold its icon until it wiggles, then tap the X that appears in the corner. Another option for managing your iPhone’s app library is to head to the device’s Settings menu, then General, and finally Storage.

  •     Organize Your Home Screen

As well as improving the device’s aesthetics, a well-organized home screen may make it quicker and simpler to access frequently-used apps. It’s recommended that you create folders for like programs and place frequently used ones at the top of your home screen. You can make a folder by pressing and holding an app until it jiggles, then dragging it on top of another app. In addition, you may give the folder a new name by touching on its current name and giving it a new one.

  •     Clear Out Your Photos

There’s no denying that taking and storing photos on an iPhone or iPad may be a significant space hog. It’s a good idea to check through your camera roll and get rid of any unnecessary images, such as duplicates or fuzzy screenshots and memes. The “Recently Removed” album in the Pictures app is where you may find and completely remove any images that you have deleted recently. If you want to view this collection, open the Pictures app and then select “Albums” from the menu bar.

  •     Manage Your Email Inbox

Your inbox, if it’s anything like most people’s, is probably stuffed full with messages you don’t need to see. Go through your inbox and get rid of old messages. The emails you receive can be filed away in folders according to subject matter or sender name to make future retrieval of specific messages much simpler.

  •     Clear Your Cache and History

The iOS may be sped up and storage space freed up by clearing the cache and browser history. Go to Safari’s Settings menu, and from there select Clear History and Website Data to delete all of your browser data and history. You may also touch on the app you wish to erase the cache for under Settings > General > iPhone Storage.

  •     Backup Your Data

Make sure you have a backup of your data before you begin clearing off your iOS device. Apple’s iCloud and iTunes both provide backup services for your mobile device. iCloud backup may be activated in Settings > iCloud > Backup. Just plug your gadget onto the computer and fire up iTunes to make a copy. In the upper left corner, choose your device, and then select “Back Up Now.”

In conclusion, clearing out unnecessary apps from your iOS iPhone may make your digital life easier and faster. Control your iOS device and put it to good use by erasing unused applications, sorting your home screen, eliminating unwanted images, sorting your inbox, cleaning your cache and history, and creating regular backups. Your gadget (and your brain) will appreciate it if you ease into it gradually.

Susan Kowal
Susan Kowal is a serial entrepreneur, angel investor/advisor, and health enthusiast.